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About us

Who Are We?
Bakersfield’s family owned and run natural and holistic pet food
store and self serve dog wash!
Our Mission:
Healthy pets inside and out!
Why use our self serve pet spa aka a self serve dog wash?

  • No more back aches and sore knees
  • We provide waist high tubs for comfort and ease of use.
  • No more wet dog smell, dirty tubs and clogged drains
  • We will clean and disinfect for you.
  • No more buying a whole bottle of deskunker or flea shampoo for a one time use
  • We offer a variety of shampoos and conditioners.
  • No more potential injuries to your pet
  • We provide a convenient ramp and tie down for the safety of your pet.

Our self serve bath packages include:

  • Waist high tubs
  • Espree Shampoo
  • Ear cleaner
  • Eye drops
  • Air driers
  • Towels
  • Grooming brushes and grooming combs
  • Don’t forget to ask for Scruffy’s treat!

Don’t forget our retail section…We only carry super premium and natural dog and cat foods and treats! We don’t carry brands because their name has the word “Natural” or “Organic” in it. We carry brands that make their food from natural, holistic, human grade ingredients and we trust.We have leashes, collars, toys, groomer brushes and groomer combs and a whole lot more to get your pet fluffy, so check out our products page for more information. Plus, Organic/Non-GMO Certified Chicken Feed.

We are your pet’s natural pet food market! With brands like Orijen, Acana, Primal, Fromm, Petcurean GO, Petcurean NOW, Earthborn, Pulsar, Vital Essentials, Pure Vita, Primal, Canidae, Nutri-Source and more! You won’t find any dog food or cat food that we wouldn’t feed our own!

Raw dog food? Raw cat food? We’ve got it!

Keep your pet clean between your groomer appointments with our self serve dog wash for as little as $15!

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Ok so Im not sure who I spoke to on Sunday but THANK YOU for your help my picky stubborn eater LOVES the food you suggested we try and he LOVES the goat milk. He will eat half of the hard food dry and then looks up at me like hey I need something to drink lol. I then add the goats milk and he finishes his food! There is already a difference in his coat, I can't wait until he gains some weight! YOU ROCK!!!read more
Bailey Draper Hodge
Bailey Draper Hodge
I frequent this shop with 4 dogs pretty often and I have always been very pleased with the cleanliness, the prices are fair not to mention they have an earned reward system, the employees are very friendly and helpful. I love the fact that religious music is played in the store as well! Great job on all, thank you!read more
Stacie Merryman
Stacie Merryman
I love this store! (Both locations) always super helpful, love their products, and the foods they carry for my dogs and cats. David and Amy are always so friendly, when I come in. (A lot, not kidding) and always give me the best, honest answer possible. Thank you guys for always being awesome! And always a great, affordable place to wash my filthy dogs. �read more
Cassie Villarreal
Cassie Villarreal
Today was my first time in with my 7 month old very large shepherd/boxer mix. Not only was the staff super helpful, I was able to get her nails trimmed, and the owner/manager made some amazing re commendations for treats for our aggressive chewer. I won't be giving my puppy a bath at home ever again. Wonderful treats as well my Remi gives Self Serve Pet Spa's cookies 4 paws up.read more
Breanne Freeborn
Breanne Freeborn
Took my "baby" in today (she's actually a 65 pound pit) and the lady working there was so sweet! She was very helpful and patient with my baby who was too scared to walk up the ramp into the tub. Lol She showered her with love and treats and was super helpful! Not to mention it cost half what a groomer would charge for such a big dog. I will certainly be going back!read more
Kristen Cowans
Kristen Cowans
This a great place for those with bad knees or back. You don't have to bend or stoop to reach your pet. The tubs/sinks are up where you can wash pets easily. No lifting to get into tub either they have walk up ramps. How cool is that? They are very friendly & helpful.Have a lot of yummy treats & toys & pricing is fair too! Best of all you don't have to clean up your mess left by your pet or you! A mother could love this place.read more
Mary Thompson
Mary Thompson
I love this place!!!!! I always come and that staff is always welcoming to my baby, Camila! They always offer tools to make it easier to groom my pet but they allow me to still use my own clippers. Great place to groom your own dog, especially the ones that have the gitters, makes my dog feel more comfortable when I groom her.read more
Mela Anater
Mela Anater
Thanks to the all natural food at reasonable prices, my dogs and cat are healthy and happy! They used to get ear infections, be lethargic, and turn there cheeks to their bowls. Now they run to be fed 🙂 Thanks Dave and Amy for being honest, caring, community involved, and good local business owners! God Blessread more
Mindy Yaeck
Mindy Yaeck
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