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03 January 18

Speaking Event

“Common Misconceptions in Nutrition”

by Billy Hoekman

Speaker Time: January 13th at 2pm
Location: 7401 White Lane Bakersfield, CA

About our guest

We are very lucky to have one of the brightest names in the pet food industry speaking at our event. He is the natural science coordinator for Answers Pet Food – one of the most transparent, ethical and science based raw pet food available. Billy is responsible for R&D, product development, nutrition and health consultations, works with farms, and speaks all over the country. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife Emily and their dog Lua=)

Clinical cases with veterinary oversight using Answers raw whole food nutrition: http://www.answers4veterinarians.com/

About Answers Pet Food

We are a small company based in Pennsylvania.

We still do the right thing for the sake of doing the right thing. Starting out, we knew there needed to be a higher standard of quality nutrition, food bioavailability, and a more humane way to source farm animals in the pet food industry.

Knowing the state of operations and quality of food that were currently on the shelves, we didn’t want to be an industrial large corporation that out-sourced materials or one of the so-called raw food companies employing harsh processing techniques like high pressure processing or freeze-drying. We knew it was time to offer a humane, sustainable way of organic, pasture-raised farming that protects the food state, environment, animals, and our pet’s well-being. From Farm to Bowl, this is how Answers Pet Food was created.

Our vision is to reinvent how pet owners think.
Our standards are set by science and socially and environmentally conscience principles. We’d like pet owners to re-examine how to meet their pets nutrition requirements and health care needs.

Our mission is to be more than a pet food manufacturing company.

We’d rather be an ethical, social, environmentally conscience and best practices based movement in the raw pet food industry.

Our goal is to improve the probability that our pets live longer, happier and healthier lives.
Moreover, that the current world’s population will leave a more peaceful, better educated and cleaner planet to future generations to come. We promise, despite the corporate climate of profit and greed in the pet food industry, to always put your pet’s health first.

Our unique process sets us apart in the pet food industry.
Our nutritional vision is to make the best pet food available. In the results of our research, we found that the best way to accomplish this was by using fermented raw foods. Since the birth of our company in 2009, we have enjoyed organic growth all over the country thanks to the fantastic results in animals switching from processed, raw or so-called raw foods to our fermented diet.

Why fermentation?

Unlike any other raw diet, Answers Pet Food enhances the nutritional value of raw food through the process of fermentation. By utilizing kombucha (fermented organic decaffeinated green tea), raw cultured whey, cultured raw goat’s milk and kefir, we created our own category by becoming the first and only fermented raw pet food diet in the industry.

The importance of our fermentation process.
Good bacteria is needed to create a thriving gut, and we believe that bacteria is the number one missing ingredient in pet food. We inoculate every one of our foods with good bacteria and allow them to thrive. These bacteria go to work pre-digesting the food, making it easier for your pet to assimilate nutrients. They also create new vitamins, enzymes, and organic acids that simply aren’t present in non-fermented foods. Good bacteria fill up the food and also inhibit the growth of bad bacteria. Safety through inhibition— just like nature has done from the very beginning. Fermentation is the most natural and effective way for us to make our products as safe and healthy as possible.

Fermentation’s health benefits.
Our raw fermented pet foods are formulated to create a healthy gut. Fermentation is a huge supporter of immune function. It increases B-vitamins, digestive enzymes, antioxidants, and lactic acid that fight off harmful bacteria. It’s also the ultimate source of probiotics.

Made with fresh air and sunshine. We go the extra mile to ensure that every step of the process is done humanely and ethically.

Nothing affects the overall nutritional quality of pet food more than how its ingredients are being treated and sourced. Growing and farming organic food isn’t easy

Keeping family farms alive

We support small, multi-generational family farms that, in turn, support the communities in which they live in. Our farmers are concerned with animal welfare and environmental consciousness. We love working with these farmers, as they take pride in raising their livestock and crops in a traditional manner more consistent with quality and sustainability. The focus for us and our farmers is not about how much we produce, but whether we produce it correctly and are making every effort to reduce our carbon footprint.

To ensure the fundamentals of our cooperative initiative, we use farms that are independently audited by the Global Animal Partnership to protect earth’s land, water and animals. We also visit these farms ourselves on a regular basis.
Answers Pet Food: https://www.answerspetfood.com/
Self Serve Pet Spa: http://selfservepetspa.com/
January 13th 10am-4pm @ 7401 White Lane Bakersfield, CA

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