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01 January 18

January Nail Trimming Day

Are you tired of making your pet’s nails bleed or does your pet run for cover whenever you bring out the nail clippers? Don’t worry about nail trimming yourself, let us do it!

Saturday January 19th 9am-11:30am, 1pm-3pm Meagan
Saturday February 2nd 9am-3pm DJ

White Lane
Sunday January 20th 11am-2pm Meagan
Sunday February 3rd 11am-3pm DJ

Mount Vernon
Saturday January 12th 9am-3pm DJ
Sunday January 13th 11am-3pm DJ

Cost: $10

Every third Saturday & Sunday (normally) are nail trimming days, sign up for our email below to be reminded every month. Also, in case the date or times change and holiday times.

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