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14 February 18

Petreleaf CBD Oil Price Drop

What made this harvest so successful?
We control our entire manufacturing process from seed to sale, from plant to pet. Because
we’ve partnered with multi-generational family farmers in eastern Colorado, their experience
and innovation has allowed us to significantly increase our total acreage and to utilize more of
our proprietary hemp strain, PR-33 than ever before.

Last year we were able to utilize 30-40% of our PR-33 hemp, and this year we are able to use
75% of our plant material.

With more total acreage and more plant material to work with, we are able to lower the
prices of our entire product line without sacrificing any of our product quality.

Petreleaf In our opinion these are one of the best potency and quality CBD products available. It is organic, lab tested, made in the USA and we have the feedback from customers as proof. We have carried Petreleaf for around a year and have had numerous pets benefit from it. Benefits of pain relief, anxiety, seizures, increased appetite, arthritis and even help with tumor/cancer related symptoms.

CBD Hemp Oil 330 (100mg) $22.99
CBD Hemp Oil 500 Capsules (150mg) $31.99
CBD Hemp Oil 700 (200mg) $35.99
CBD Hemp Oil 2500 Capsule (450mg) $71.99
CBD Hemp Oil 1700 (500mg) $79.99
CBD Hemp Oil 1000 (300mg) – discontinued

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