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15 December 16

Reviews: Cannabidiol (CBD) Supplement by PetReleaf

Reviews by customers of PetReleaf (Original blog)

“My old guy, Emmitt has joint problems as well as back issues.  We have only had him for 3 1/2 years and he is over 11 so I don’t know everything that went on in his early life.  As far as the Pet Releaf treats, he has noticeably been less painful getting up and he actually was running and playing a lot when we were on our Sunday morning dog park excursion.  He also has some anxiety issues that were helped by the treats.  It was not long at all after I started giving them to him that he had a positive response.  That is why I was interested in the drops so I wasn’t always giving treats!  FYI he is a lab/golden /shepherd mix, about 75 pounds and like I said, over 11 1/2 years old.” – Janet Bell

“[Customer] bought the CBD oil last week for a friend whose dog had cancer, and  [Customer] just came in and said it started working really fast, the dog started getting an appetite again and his mood has defiantly improved ( :” – Employee’s conversation with customer.

“Haylee used to just lay down all the time, since Kody passed, and she would barely respond to me or any other of my family members. So, i got her some of the PetReleaf treats and the day after I started giving them to her I could already see a difference. She would actually respond to us if we called her, and she started playing with her toys again. Now she will play with us and even come up to us asking to play. It really worked a lot faster than I thought it would and she is always excited to get her great for the day! I think it really is a great product and I will absolutely be recommending this to others. ” – Sara Freeman

“Back in July my fiancé and I found a little five week old puppy just wondering around the apartment complex. No one had put out a claim for him and we were blessed to be able to officially call him part of our little family. I started working at Self Serve Pet Spa in late August when Stryder was just a couple months old. As Stryder got a little older we realized he was developing separation anxiety. We recently got Pet Releaf for both stores and I did my research and read it helped with all sorts of health issues for dogs and cats. The major one for us was it helps with anxiety! We just bought the edibites and as soon as we gave him the recommended amount we noticed a huge difference. When we put him in the crate we give him one two hours before and when we come home there are no more accidents in the crate and he doesn’t cry nearly as much. Also, he is a lot better on car rides, he no longer howls, but he lays down. Also the edibites help him with over all health with the natural ingredients! We are so happy we have something natural to help him to be a happy and healthier puppy!!” – Chelsea Forney

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