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16 August 17

Stay Hydrated All Yearlong!

Are you feeding only kibble? Your pet is most likely in a dehydrated state, even if he\she is drinking water.

Kibble on average is 10% moisture. The body requires a large amount of water to help it break down and digest the dry food regardless of the body being fully hydrated or dehydrated. When moisture is not available to digest food, the digestive tract will rob moisture from the body’s tissue. To assist in digestion and to add moisture, the following are some great additions or alternatives in my (David) preferred order:

  1. Raw – Using a complete and balanced raw pet food would give your pet a nice amount of moisture >65%. In addition to the moisture, the ingredients are a lot easier to digest because they have not been processed and are made with the animal’s ancestry diet in mind. Raw fermented goat’s milk is an excellent addition as well. What we carry: For your dog –  Answers Pet Food, Primal Pet Foods and Vital Essentials. For your cat – Vital Essentials, Rad Cat and Savage Cat.
  2. Lightly cooked – A lightly cooked diet is ~69% moisture and perfect for anyone that is worried about feeding and/or handling a raw diet. The meat is the only ingredient that is cooked to a minimum temperature that kills all pathogens and the vegetables are kept raw but pulverized to make digestion easier. What we carry: My Perfect Pet
  3. Cans – Cans are a very convenient source of moisture for your pet providing over 75% moisture. The difference to the above options is the temperature the cans are cooked at (higher), nevertheless it’s still a great addition to any kibble. What we carry: Fromm, Nature’s Logic, GO!, Wild Calling, Nutrisource, Ziwipeak, K9 Natural and more . .

*** Lack of moisture can lead to urinary tract infections, crystals and stones. You can possibly avoid these issues and having to feed expensive foods with ingredients like Brewers Rice, Corn Starch, Pork Fat, Egg Product, Powdered Cellulose by simply feeding a high moisture and high quality pet food.

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