Natural Pet Food and Local Businesses aren’t Expensive!

We at Self Serve Pet Spa pride ourselves in the pet food and treats we carry for our furry kids (dogs, cats, rabbits, mice, hamsters etc.)! We also pride ourselves in being a local, Bakersfield grown, small business! The down side of both of these great facts is the assumption that small stores can’t compete with big box stores and “natural” is expensive!

Here are some real truths that people have discovered coming into our stores:

1. We aren’t any more expensive than your big box stores like Petco, Petsmart, Tractor Supply and online stores.  A lot of times we are less expensive, offer a frequent buyer program and we deliver to your door faster! Example from a popular online store:

We sell Fromm Classic 33lb Adult for $37.99 and offer a frequent buyer program where you buy 12 and get 1 free! This is everyday pricing and not some “fake $9 off that they advertise” – still we are cheaper!

2. Because we own it, we get to carry what we want! We only carry food/treats we trust and believe in. It’s not just about what is on the label because chicken on the back of a bag can mean chicken that is molding or it can be boneless USDA inspected passed for human consumption chicken. The ingredients tell you what it is, but not the quality of the ingredient. It is also about the family that is making the pet food, their track record and their direction – they have their reputation on the line and don’t have shareholders to make happy.

3. We don’t carry foods that are endorsed by celebrities and athletes, it doesn’t add any credibility to the pet food because they are being paid to “advertise” the product. See the food all over the TV, magazines, etc? Guess who’s paying for the advertisement? You are, when you buy the food, so an expensive, highly advertised pet food doesn’t always mean quality.

4. Did you know that our 25-33lb bags of food are equivalent to 40lb+ bags of food that you find at the grocery store because you feed significantly less. We have large bags of pet food that are 25-33lb that cost less than $40! They contain no corn, no wheat and no by-products!

5. Want to feed the best? Yes, we do have high quality products and yes they will cost more, but that’s not what we are about. We are here so you can feed your pet the best product for the price you want to spend! Want to feed raw? Yes, we carry raw and its probably a lot less expensive and time consuming than you think! If it is a little too pricey, let’s us teach you how to incorporate it into your pets diet and stay within a budget.

We don’t carry pet food because it sells, we carry it because we believe it’s the best for your pet!

Come visit us, ask for samples and find out what options we have for you. See what sets us apart from the big box stores and online shopping. We look forward to meeting you. And thanks for shopping local!


David and Amy

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