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Washing at Home


Washing at Self Serve Pet Spa


House Rules

  1. Dogs must be on leash no longer than 6′ and under the control of an adult. We can lend you a leash and\or a muzzle if you need one.
  2. Never leave your pet unattended at any time for any reason.
  3. Aggressive dogs may be asked to schedule an after hours appointment (please call or ask at shop for more detail).
  4. Made a mess? Let us know and we’ll clean it up immediately to prevent any potential slips or stinks. Doo doo bags are available at no charge.
  5. Please be aware of your pet, if they decide to damage, gnaw or mark merchandise as theirs – that item will be considered sold and charged to your bill.
  6. Children must always be under the supervision and care of a parent or responsible adult guardian. Please do not allow children to approach unknown dogs.
  7. Last wash is 30 minutes before closing. Last clipper rental is 1 1/2 hour before closing. If washing multiple dogs, last dog must be in the tub 30 minutes before closing.

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